Nailart time!

It’s been ages since I last did my nails in an artsy way… I’ve been so lazy and just did a single colour, I feel like I’ve neglected all the nailart followers and I hereby apologise.

This was inspired by Sarah from Chalkboard Nails, she did something like this and I found it on her blog, so all credit goes here.


I should have used a white polish as a base colour before doing the circle gradient, because the colours are really bright but now they don’t really ‘pop’ like I wanted. They kind of look like colours from the ’90s 😛

Products used:

Essence Colour&go 107 naughty and pink!
– Essence Colour&go 55 let’s get lost
(old collection)
– Essence Colour&go 39 lime up! (old collection)
– Black acryllic paint


For the right hand, I obviously got lazy and only did a single wiggle thingie 🙂



Nailart experiment: water spotted nails

This weekend I did a nailart experiment, like the title says it was the water spotted technique. I saw this once on cutepolish, I thought Sarah did it too but that was a different one.

I knew that my black polishes were too old, I need to buy a new one. I didn’t want to use a different colour, so I tried a glitter and my black crackle polish. I went for the crackle. Also, I didn’t use hand sanitizer but hairspray. I found out that hairspray worked better for me than perfume.

So, for the how to, click here (:


After doing my left hand, I got pretty tired of it because it started to crack open, and only my pinky finger was the way I wanted it to be. So then I just went ahead and used the crackle polish as a coat over the neon colours and let that do it’s thing.


Products used:

– MAX nail art polish in Turquoise, Lime Green, Neon Yellow and Magenta

– Essence Ready for Boarding collection 02 Beauty on tour

– Essence cracking top coat 01 crack me! black

– Essence quick dry topcoat




Water marble

Welcome to my new followers!

I feel like I’ve been ignoring my nailart follwers, sorry for that! Here’s a mani that I did today, it’s a water marble with Union Jack colours! At least, that was the idea. My friend is moving to London for a year, so, that’s why. Though our own Dutch flag has the same colours.. I decided to marble them, because I already did a Union Jack nailart once and we ate a marble cake friday, so, that totally makes sence!


My marbles are always random. I don’t even drop the polish in the same order all the time..

I know that everyone will notice so I’m just going to say it here, I did a very rough clean-up, not with a small brush but with a cotton bud, in a non-gentle way, which explains why there’s some polish missing in some places, haha.


Polishes used:

Essence colour&go 115 Redvolution

Hema nailpolish in cobalt blue

Hema longlasting polish in white

Last week I did this swatch:


Found it at Hema, it had a large discount so I got it. I like this one, it’s a nice colour that I can wear to school as well. I don’t think it’s too flashing. Applying was not that wonderful though, it had a small brush.



Back to school: Chalkboard Nails


First things first: Welcome to my new followers!!! Thankyou so much, I am thrilled that I have 10 followers now from all over the world, people who are not (yet) my best friends and I have never met before. You are awesome.

So, I did another nailart, yay (: I wanted to find Sarah’s channel (from ChalkboardNails) on youtube but then I found mani’s like my current one, that’s how I got the idea. I saw that cutepolish recently did this mani as well, so I gave it a go!


1. Paint your nails black (Hema nailpolish no. 12)

2. Use acryllic paints to doodle on your nails. I mixed several colours with white to get pastels. (Amsterdam acrylic Standard Series) I’m using acryllic paint for my art design doodles because I find this easier to work with. If you prefer using polish, that’s perfect! I just always get my polish way to thick or whatever, so, yeah..

3. Seal with a matt topcoat (Hema top coat Matt no. 20)


And that is all, really easy right? I choose to do some easier doodles on my right hand, because I’m righthanded, so they look kind of.. weird. But I think the left hand is pretty cute. The design is just some doodling that I came up with, I did not watch any videos on youtube. If it looks the same as someone elses, I am sorry, didn’t see it.


Other fantastic news: MY SWEATER IS FINISHED (: Hooray! Post coming up soon!



Beach nails

Good morning!

So to celebrate International Nail Art day I did this mani:


It is not my own design, I found it at Chalkboard Nails. Sarah is brilliant with nailart, she’s my favorite guru for nails (:

This is supposed to be a beach with the sea and there’s a starfish on the beach.

For the design I used my own stack of polishes, I bought one new polish, the nude/sand colour and this was my first time using it. Great colour, I just think that right now I’m too tan for this one to wear without an artsy creation on it…


For the whole ‘how to’ I’d like to send you to Sarah, she made a video for this. I finally understand how gradients work and I absolutely love this one.


Now, I’m not that good with cleaning up, and my starfishes are kind of a fail, but this is the first time that I’m proud of my photography skills! Yay, getting there (:

Polishes used:

– Hema nailpolish in white

– Essence colour&go no. 55 let’s get lost

– Hema nailart polish in white

– Catrice ultimate nudes 05 Bonjour Chérie!

– Hema nailpolish in black (no. 20?)

MAX nail art polish in red



Nailart update

So here’s another one, yay 🙂

This is an update of different nailarts that I did during my silence in blogland.. I am really sorry for not updating any sooner, it’s just that I was really busy with school and when I wasn’t I was busy doing other things than blogging.. Now, I no longer have much homework because I have an internship right now, until summer, which means I have FREE TIME =)

No. 1: cats 🙂 pretty much explains itself.


No. 2: Autumn, done with acryllic paint

Disclaimer: all credit for the design goes to Amanda S. on makeupbee, if you want to see the original click here =)


No. 3: Ladybugs, the black is acryllic, the rest is polish


No. 4: My attempt at a valentine mani. It did not go well. I suppose this is because I don’t even like valentine’s day.


Used polish:

– Essence colour&go 117 i’m so very

– Essence colour&go 118 little miss sunshine

– Hema nailpolish no. 20

– Essence colour&go 55 let’s get lost

– Etos Long Lasting nailpolish in purple ( number 8? )

– Hema nailpolish no. 12

– Hema onecoat longlasting nailpolish no. 202

– Hema french manicure white 01

– MAX nail art polish in red

– unknown brand for the shiny light pink