Inspired by my bedsheets

A few months ago I was staring at my bed and I thought it was a great inspiration for a manicure. My bedsheets are very colourfull, with all sorts of dots and patterns and flowers, so first I drew them out and a few weeks ago I painted all my nails with a different pattern on them.

Left hand

Left thumb

The patterns on the left hand are:

– Pinky: a flower (a rose actually) in a lace pattern

– Ring finger: white cubes

– Middle finger: big flowers with small flowers in between them, in a diamond pattern

– Index finger: dots and stripes

– Thumb: stripes

Right hand

Right thumb

The designs on the right hand are:

– Pinky: dots in rows with a flower

– Ring finger: dots with stripes again

– Middel finger: This one’s a bit different, it’s a flower with leaves, it has small flowers around itself and there’s a nice green swirling line all around it, on top is a heartshape in orange.

– Index finger: big dots

– Thumb: it’s a butterfly with all sorts of swirling orange patterns that were supposed to become flowers, and it has a zig-zag on the wings and on the body.

There were many polishes that I used for this one, here’s my list of base colours:

– Red Hema One Coat longlasting nailpolish nr. 202

– White Hema French Manicure White Coat (I used an old brush to apply it on my nails, since using the nailart brush isn’t going to work for a base colour)

– Orange Etos Effect Nails nr. 17

– Pink Essence Colour & Go ‘I want that!’ 

– Blue Essence Colour & Go ‘Let’s get lost’

– Dark blue Hema nailpolish nr. 23

And here’s the list of accessories (got the chance to test out all of my new stripers) :

– From MAX nail art polish (really really really cheap, bought them at a store called Action), the stripers in White, Blue, Dark blue, Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange and Acid green

– Dark green Hema nailpolish nr. 22

– Black Hema nailpolish nr. 12

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of my bedsheets right now, because it’s in the laundry.. But I’m sure you get the idea 😉

The designs are quite simple, but I believe because they’re all different, it looks very interesting. I would love to do this manicure again, maybe not in the same way, but while using other base colours, or switch other colour schemes, anything is possible! I could also try to do just one pattern and paint all nails in a different colour scheme of that pattern.

I have something similar to this one planned somewhere next week or in two weeks, because I got a small present yesterday for achieving my propedeutics, and it was wrapped in a lovely paper, so cute! I immediately thought of doing a mani on them, so I hope you enjoy these kind of posts 🙂

What do you think of having different patterns on your nails? Do you like wearing neon colours? 


Previously on nailart: part 2

After I did the Easteregg manicure (see part one) I did another Easter manicure with eggs that had a simple tribal print and with cute little bunny’s with bow-ties. Please forgive me for the terrible photo quality, I promise it will get better; at the time I started doing nailart I knew nothing at all about photography.

Left hand

Left hand

These tribal printed eggs and bunny’s were all done with either Etos Effect nails or Essence Colour & Go, I also had old polished lying around that have no name or well known brand that I used here, such as the light pink in the bunny’s ears on my pinky finger, the hot pink base colour on my middle finger and some others I believe..

Right hand

Right hand

And that’s it for the holiday nailart so far, I’m looking forward to paint cartoons on my nails for Christmas! Also, in the Netherlands we have a celebration earlier in December called ‘Sinterklaas’, it’s something like Santa (in fact, Santa is a misunderstanding, the Americans created Santa Clause after the Dutch colonists told them about our Sint Nicolaas). The basics are the same, a man in a red costume wearing a hat, he has men working for him and he gives presents to children during the night. I will have a lot of fun coming up with something for that one =)

Other things that I did are fruit nails, I did the classic watermelon nails and the strawberry’s. I’ve also done Minnie Mouse nails those days:

Watermelon nails

Strawberry nails

Minnie Mouse nails

I’ve also tried Union Jack nails, and I did a cartoon mani that I saw on Youtube, it was called ‘Picknick Thieves’. That one was cute but the pictures are no good, I will probably re-do them sometime and make better pictures.

Pictures that worked out fine are the ones from my pokémon nails, on the left is Pikachu and on the right is Togepi:

Pokémon nails: Pikachu

Pokémon nails: Togepi

After this I discovered that you can also use acrylic paint for your nails so I bought a small basis package of acryl paint. I’m also into normal painting on a canvas instead of bodies, I just barely practice that version.

Acrylic paint: one stroke technique for ‘Butterfly nails’

Acrylic paint: one stroke technique for ‘Floral nails’

I also tried a new technique called watermarble, on the pictures below you can see my attempts.

Water Marble left hand

Water Marble right hand

And this pretty much wraps up the highlights so far!

Enjoy watching & feel free to request (: