Nailart experiment: water spotted nails

This weekend I did a nailart experiment, like the title says it was the water spotted technique. I saw this once on cutepolish, I thought Sarah did it too but that was a different one.

I knew that my black polishes were too old, I need to buy a new one. I didn’t want to use a different colour, so I tried a glitter and my black crackle polish. I went for the crackle. Also, I didn’t use hand sanitizer but hairspray. I found out that hairspray worked better for me than perfume.

So, for the how to, click here (:


After doing my left hand, I got pretty tired of it because it started to crack open, and only my pinky finger was the way I wanted it to be. So then I just went ahead and used the crackle polish as a coat over the neon colours and let that do it’s thing.


Products used:

– MAX nail art polish in Turquoise, Lime Green, Neon Yellow and Magenta

– Essence Ready for Boarding collection 02 Beauty on tour

– Essence cracking top coat 01 crack me! black

– Essence quick dry topcoat