Painting progress May + updates

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the silence.. I know it’s terrible..
As usual though, I have worked on things.. They’re just not finished yet. The main reason for my lack of posting this month is the following:
My laptop screen has a huge crack in it, it’s been there for 2 months now. I’ve found a person who is going to fix it, but the screen is a special type (apparently?) and now it takes weeks to get a new one. Now I try to use my laptop as little as possible because it’s really annoying, plus I haven’t saved any photos on the laptop, because otherwise I have to make yet another backup which takes a lot of time. So, I still have all photos on my card and simply forget to upload them…

Firstoff: the painting on the wall. There’s some more detail in it, I gave life to the castle in the clearing, the path has more definition, just all over more definition..


Second: I was crocheting another scarf with the broomstick stitch, same as the red one I did last year. It’s not finished yet.

Third: For the painting that is shown above, I made a model of the castle that is in the clearing.. Like, a crafted model with my materials from back in the day when I was still an architecture student instead of constructive engineer?
I present to you, a scale model of the Castle of Hogwarts:


The model was something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while, I researched all the places within the castle once, I had maps of all the floors, it’s crazy really.. But, yes, I love Harry Potter and I believe the magic never ends. You should check out this song! I know, off topic, but it’s cool! There’s quite some names missing though, haha (:
So, after I finished drawing and painting the little castle on the wall, I had no purpose for the model.
No, there’s not going to be some contest to win this thing. I already gave it away, to a friend who’s even a bigger fan of the whole world of magic then I am (Hi Andrew!) and I am 100% sure the model is in good hands with him 🙂

Fourth: Sure everyone remembers this guy! :


This is my most viewed post, which is wonderful, and now it will get an expansion! Whoohooo! I told you last time that I was working on something big, well, that would be a COMPLETE COSTUME to go with this pretty cloak. It’s almost done, I’m still working on a very detailed embroidery and after that I want to create an actual pattern for you guys! Which will take us to the next update:

My wrist. I had an inflammation in the joint. Is that how you call this in English? Not sure. But I hope you understand. In Dutch it’s: ontstoken polsgewricht.
This happened out of nowhere, it’s quite annoying. The fact that I had a mountain of homework and studying to do did not ease my mind about this.
And so, I agreed that I should probably give everything a break. No crocheting, knitting, anything that might do more damage. I have to use my arm a lot for school already, so, yes, this really sucks. Now, at night, while watching TV or something, I have nothing to DO! Fellow crocheters and knitters will know 😛
Luckily there’s only a few more weeks of school left, I’ve got 2 more projects which are not individual, meaning more work during the week and less during weekends (:

But there’s always something to brighten my days! In just a few weeks I will be walking around at IMATS LONDON!!!! Finally!! Counting days here.. I haven’t made a complete wish list yet, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to tell me! One thing’s for sure: my #1 stop is at Sugarpill. Oh, happy day 🙂



PS: I read ‘The Silmarillion”. I feel like Galadriel, knowing everything. It was great (:

Winter mittens

Welcome to all the new followers!! I love every single one of you!

This weekend I finally finished my mittens. I started in January I think, but I had to take it easy on knitting/crocheting because my arms got overworked..
That really sucked, but in March I decided to slowly pick it up again. First just doing one row on an evening, then some more.. Eventually I finished the mittens!

As you can see, it has a beautiful Norwegian design with snowflakes.

All credit goes to Nicole, you can find the pattern here. I hope the creator reads this: I absolutely love the pattern, thankyou for sharing it with the world!






Circle scarf: Broomstick lace

After this short 2 weeks hiatus from blogging, I’m back! Whoo! Brace yourselves, because even though I didn’t write anything, I did do a lot of stuff, and it’s coming your way in 3… 2… 1…

So this is a scarf that I made as a gift for my mom. It’s the second scarf that I’ve ever made, and I love this one, but I haven’t really worn it yet to test it… But, yes, I love the colour and I really like this pattern, broomstick lace is fun! 


The pattern was from another blogger, you can find it here. I decided to make it wider, because mom and I like our scarves to be big and bulky. Instead of the 31 stitches I did 61.

The first photo was shot in the dark, so the other one really shows you what it looks like. Yes, this is the same yarn as the other project thingie that didn’t work out and I started over with, and I’ll tell you about that later cause that’s finished too 😀