GUTS presents: the Merchant of Venice

At the end of February, my theatre society was performing Shakespeare’s play ‘the Merchant of Venice’. I was involved as makeup artist again!

It was intense, but great fun! I got to experiment with making female characters look realistically like men, and the biggest challenge was to make them look normal again very very fast!

Luckily, I had help of two lovely people, Made and Femke, and if you really pay attention, you might know that I’ve worked with Femke before, and, she was my model for WBF! 😊

The cast consisted of 15 actors and 6 minor characters portraying servants etc., including myself. So, 21 people in need of makeup in a time slot of about 3 hours. Challenge accepted!

I made a time schedule so we had some outline for what to do, because otherwise it wouldn’t have happened.. but everything worked out perfectly in the end and looking back, it was a wonderful performance weekend 😊

Below are some pictures of the makeup being done and some the actors on stage before the show. Unfortunately, at this moment I don’t have the performance photos yet. Enjoy!

Click on the photo to enlarge 🙂





Catching up: Makeup for the Deep Blue Sea

In June, I did makeup and hairstyling for the theatre play ‘the Deep Blue Sea’, written by Terence Rattigan. As a cast and crew, we had a lot of fun putting it together! Yet again, I would like to thank everyone involved 🙂 A special thankyou goes to Dawn Bullock, our director. Her vision and passion for this piece was amazing and she guided all of us. I am so proud to have been part of this production and I wish Dawn the very best of luck and happiness, as she will go on to her next adventure portraying Rebecca in ‘Tanz der Vampire’ in Vienna!

For this play we had a group of young actors, with half of them playing characters that were over 30. The play is set in the ’50s, meaning the hairstyles had to look accordingly.

The most challenging character to do was Mrs. Elton. That was so much fun, this was the second old-age character for me to create, yet this had to be realistic. And then there were the characters that were not that old, so it was completely different from the cartoonish Dr. Elzimuth.

This time I was also there to do makeup for our trailer, which you can watch here.

All of the photos posted in the album below are taken by E.M. Hes Photography and ha.dos photography.

If you want to see all of them, please check it out at our event page on Facebook!





Preview: character dr. Elzimuth 

Last weekend was our rehearsal weekend. This means the cast and crew go on a weekend trip together to do rehearsals, run-throughs and we try the costumes. Including makeup.

Here is my first full rendition of dr. Elzimuth, an old, nasty professor, played by a young Italian guy. 

I’m very proud of this. Everyone is quite satisfied with how it turned out. And ofcourse it was a lot of fun to do! 

You have seen the bald cap before, I showed a proces picture a while ago. It’s wonderful to see it all come together in real life, after all the planning:) 

To see this character in real life, come to our show! It’s in Groningen from October 6 – 8 in the Usva. It’s going to be a lot of fun!