I made a skirt!!

Sooo, I really got into this sewing thing. As in, I also got my own machine (real cheap, such a great timing!) and I’m superhappy with that. If you missed that bit, and other snippets, follow my Instarainbow!

By now I have bought fabric for at least 3 more projects that are more ambitious that this skirt..

Anyway, I’m really really proud because this has been the most difficult, technical piece I’ve ever done, seriously. I’ve learned a lot from this one. And I’m so happy!


As in the photo above, it’s a circle skirt. It goes in a full circle you guys 🙂 The fabric is light and soft and it flies around me when I’m cycling. It’s lovely and exactly what I was hoping for.

This was also the first time I used a pattern. I got it in this magazine I have a subscription on now ( it was a gift 🙂 ) and that is called Knipmode. It’s a Dutch sewing magazine, the one I used is from August ’16 and the skirt is number 6.
I got started with the pattern size 38, and then I decided to adjust the pattern to my personal preference of a higher, tighter waist and a shorter skirt in general.

So, really happy, and proud, and also happy that I’m posting again on here!
There are a number of other things I need to tell you about:

  • Theatre. I’m part of the crew of this theatre piece called When a Witch is in Love. It’s something I’m doing with friends here, and I’m the makeup artist!
    Now, if you’re near Groningen in the beginning of October, I would love it if you could come and see our show! If not, I will be posting snaps on my insta of the journey too 🙂
  • Halloween! On instarainbow I will post all things related to Halloween preperations as #halloweeniscoming. I have figured out my outfit and everything already! I’m in full preperation mode and I’m so excited!!! You?
  • Personal stuff: I’m not sure if I should write about this stuff in public. But in short, my house is sort of under construction as they’re renovating my windows. I am finally getting double glass!
  • More personal stuff: I have some… physical issues. With my hip. And tomorrow is my first ever hospital appointment with a surgeon.
  • I’m also still working full time and there’s a part time masters degree coming on top of that in… TWO WEEKS *gasp*

I need to take it easy. I am, and that is why my projects are not as frequent as they were. They are getting bigger though. And it will be less frequent, probably, since, you know, masters plus working full time, that is more than just a full time job. Literally.
My biggest concern is my physical problem though. And I hope the play will work out great, and I have Halloween to look forward to. That’s not too much 🙂



I sewed a dress!

A little while ago I spontaneously decided to do another sewing project. I absolutely loved sewing my costumes and I wanted to do something again, but I didn’t need a costume. I did have this one dress that fits me very nicely and I really liked the idea of having another dress like that.

So I thought, let’s just do that! Now? Now!

insta 1

It was on a thursday that I made up my mind, while I had time to go to the markets for fabric on friday. No market on friday in the city. I went to a shop instead, which was waaaayyy more expensive than I remember my hometown market to be. Called mom, asked if there was a market for fabric on Saturday morning, because I wanted to go to my parents on saturday. I don’t own the sewing machine, it’s my mothers.
The answer was that the market was right then, on friday morning, and would be over in an hour. Even if I travelled to my hometown right away, I would be too late.
So screw that, I went to the store again, found the prettiest thing ever that is very very me, and ofcourse also a zipper.

insta 2

Then I worked on the dress for two weekends and I did it! HAH! Out of nowhere I decided to make my own dress and for a first time, I think this was pretty brilliant.
I could not have done this without my mother, she taught me everything I know about sewing (which is still pretty basic) and somehow, it just helps when she’s around ❤

Those of you that follow my instagram have already seen two little sneaky peeks, but here’s a little shoot of me in the dress.
I do not know why, but WordPress turns the last two pictures less blue. The first one shows the colour as it is. On my computer they’re all good, except not on the website. Does anyone have any tips on that? Like, it’s only the dress colour that looks weird, reds and greens are fine 🙂





Another thing that I mentioned on instaRainbow before, is that it’s a very educational project. There’s a lot of insight needed when making a piece of clothing. My respect for seamstresses has gone up A LOT. I really respect that the clothing industry is hard work and I completely understand why boutiques and little clothing shops are expensive: it’s because of all the hard work.
The amount of money I spent on this dress for materials equals the amount for which you can buy a complete dress at any shop that is relatively cheap.
I get it that when you make tons of the same thing, buying materials is cheaper, but still. It’s absolutely unbelievable how dresses can be sold for so little money, while I now know that I spent over 10 hours of time working on this simple piece.

It makes me feel somewhat guilty.

I really really hope that at some point, the world will be a better place where the women, and no longer children, that work on these pieces, will receive a fair treatment.
If you’re shocked and willing to change something, take a look at organisations that fight for a just system.
I’m afraid that if we all want to solely have clothing that was made in a fair way today, realistically we should all start sewing for ourselves again. Gotta start somewhere.
But that’s a lot of fun too, I assure you! 😀

Thanks again to my wonderful mother, and thank you all for the continuous support of my art projects.



The Complete Elven Costume pattern

It’s here! It’s here!

I know I said this multiple times already, but, the Elven costume cloak is still the biggest attraction to this blog thanks to a link on Pinterest. I cannot thank the person who did that enough, just, please read this someday? Thanks so much!
Especially now, with Halloween behind us and December 10 coming closer (the movie actually came out YESTERDAY in the UK!), more and more people have come to check out my version. I told you some time ago that I would be uploading a pattern for everything, that day has finally arrived! 🙂 Continue reading

Sewing project: School bag

Hello and welcome to my new followers!

The project I will show you today was done last week. It’s not very large, though it did take some time.. This is more of a post to let you know I’m still alive.

This is the inside of my schoolbag, as it was last week:


I think it got bad enough, even though it’s been like this for a very long time.. I’ve been ‘losing’ my phone, keys, things like that, really annoying actually!
But, yes, I didn’t want to throw the bag away, because I love the outside design so much. I thought, I can do this, let’s make a new lining (:



Overly shiny photo, I know..

And so now the bag is fixed!


Other fun stuff I did: not much actually. School is taking up a lot of time, during weeknights and weekends, meaning no time for crafting/art/anything. But the good part is that I actually like my homework now (:

Whenever I do have a spare hour or so, I work on a knitting project that you haven’t heard of yet (but you probably will very soon :P), and I’ve been reading. Currently, I’m reading ‘The age of miracles’ by Karen Thompson Walker. I like it, it’s a good story, though it’s not an average book..

Obviously I’m dying to do some serious painting again, whether it’s my wall or a makeupart/ bodypainting, so when I will you’ll be the first to know!



P.S. I actually did two bodypaintings a while ago, something for carnaval, but I wasn’t satisfied with them.. I’m still not sure if I want to upload those..


DIY: Elven cloak

*** Click here for the expansion to this post: the Complete Costume and Pattern!!!!***

As was shown in the preview, I was working on my cloak yesterday, and it’s finished!


Materials needed:

– Fabric. I suggest a length of 3 metres, so you have enough to create the desired length of the cape. Mine was 3 metres long and 1,40 metres wide, 70 cm when folded and from the roll.

– sewing machine, thread, anything you’d use when sewing, like, scissors, pins..

Tip: Make a muslin first with old newspapers. Just tape them together and that way you can figure out what size everything will be and how much fabric you really need.

The cape I made was inspired by this tutorial, only I made mine a lot longer. I wanted a cape that would reach my ankles at least. Also, I changed the neckline, but I’ll explain that later.  The hood was from this article, but again I altered some things. For starters, I ignored the first part and only went for the hood design.

So, first I made the cape part. I roughly cut of the length that I wanted, which was about 1,70 metres ( I had to finish of the edges and I’m tall ). I finished of the edges at the sides first, after that I went for the neckline. Now, instead of just folding the edge like you would normally do, I folded it with a space of about 3 cm as you can see in this picture:


This way, I could make a cord and pull that through, this way you can manually pull your cape tighter or wider when it’s finished.

After this I checked the length of the cape and cut of some more fabric, as it was touching the floor. Then I finished the bottom edge as well.

On to the hood! I cut out the kite shapes as it is described in the article, but I decided to make two instead of four, because I thought the lining part was pointless. It’s not, I advise you to do the lining, but I just didn’t understand at the time. Plus I was out of fabric for more kites. For the measurements, I started of with a huge neckline, about 80 cm, divided in half that would be 40 for the triangle part. Then the 75 cm down and connect and fold that out as they say. I sewed the long sides together and then finished of the other edges.


Then, and now comes the part I found the hardest, I tried to pin the hood to the cape, and for this I decided I should make the cape a little tighter with the cord, and then sew the hood on as shown in the picture.


I made tiny folds then and again to make sure it fitted nicely.


After sewing that I was finished! 😀 Here’s the result:


Personally, I hardly see that the hood has no lining side, and when I wear the cloak it’ll be even less visible, especially with my hair covering it up..

Now on to sculpting the ears! And finishing my sweater, again! (I will, but I’m not making promises anymore)



Sneak peek

This was yesterday:


About the sweater, I completely underestimate these things.. I think I made the sleeves long enough last night to finish them off, but I will work on that later today. 

About the photoquality, I’m so happy! Why? Well, I did it. I got myself a new camera. My own, not my parents’. I love this thing. Which also explains that I worked less on the sweater then I intended, because I wanted to play around with my new camera (:

Even Louie likes it: