Preview: character dr. ElzimuthΒ 

Last weekend was our rehearsal weekend. This means the cast and crew go on a weekend trip together to do rehearsals, run-throughs and we try the costumes. Including makeup.

Here is my first full rendition of dr. Elzimuth, an old, nasty professor, played by a young Italian guy. 

I’m very proud of this. Everyone is quite satisfied with how it turned out. And ofcourse it was a lot of fun to do! 

You have seen the bald cap before, I showed a proces picture a while ago. It’s wonderful to see it all come together in real life, after all the planning:) 

To see this character in real life, come to our show! It’s in Groningen from October 6 – 8 in the Usva. It’s going to be a lot of fun! 




13 nights until Halloween


Practising the makeup for a Team Evil member. This needs contouring, more blood and a better job on the black on the eyelids.

IMG_5967 IMG_5970

Making prosthetic ‘sticker’ wounds for the party attendees that don’t zombiefy themselves. I plan to paint them and add blood when placing them onto someone, not in advance.


Final fitting for Tereza πŸ™‚


Making candles! Thankyou Tereza for helping out πŸ™‚



Work in progress – 23 nights ’till Halloween


*Insert evil mhuahaha dr. Frankenstein sound*

Let it be clear that I am after this post on completely ignoring the fact that I was MIA on this blog for 3 months. I was going to do a post like: hey, I’m back! But screw that. No one reads it anyway πŸ˜› This is not a travel blog people!
Though if you must know more about where the heck I’ve been, feel free to let me know and I might show of some awesome photos…

The best time of the year has arrived!! It’s October and that means HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

Seriously, this is the best Halloween EVER.
I am working on so many things right now, you have to see this once I have it all wrapped up. I’m so, supersuperstoked and happy about it and I can’t find the right words to describe how much I LOVE this.. πŸ˜€ Big shoutout to Tereza (Hi Tereza!) for her trust in me and her courage to be my model!

I know I had the best time last year, but this year is so much better.Β I have so much to do for Halloween, that when my ‘clients’ from last year called to ‘hire’ me again, I had to cancel..
I have at least 2 other people I’m doing makeup for on Halloween itself besides my own makeup.
I am probably also going to do the makeup of the party host.
Besides that I will be the on site MUA for party poopers that didn’t dress up so I can turn them into Halloween-worthy wonders.

All of that is so fantastic!
And of the people that I will be doing makeup for, I have done lots of research and homework, and we started preparing weeks ago. I invented something that is so cool! I filmed everything, won’t be able to edit but we’ll get there!

So above, that is something for my own look.
I decided to create my own latex glove so I can simply wear that over my hand at the party, while when I have to do makeup on site I can throw it off and work without worries about the paint or whatever on my hand.

I used some sculpting wax first to create longer fingertips, and I pressed some really weird fake nails into that (not visible in picture because it’s inside out). Then I created about 5 layers of liquid latex all over the hand and BAM, done!
Basically it’s just the regular process of using latex, except I did it on my own hand instead of a mall.


This is some homemade fake blood! Whooohoo!
I’m really doing research into the DIY material like gelatine, this is just one of the things I have been playing with. So yeah, gelatine is pretty awesome.
I discovered that it is not OK to save some prepared gelatine outside of the freezer for over 2 weeks, because you’ll get a nasty side effect food generally tends to get, other than that, it’s brilliant!

On a non Halloween related note: I have been painting at the wall, but no pictures because I didn’t take my camera with me when I visited my parents, so, that will have to wait.

My life right now? Aside from all listed above, I’m good. I love living in this city, on my own. It took me a while to get the whole household thing down but it’s ok now. Cooking for myself really is paying off now, combine the portion control with cycling an hour everyday + going to the gym thrice a week and you’ll get a healthier lifestyle. Work is also pretty good!
Everything’s a little hectic because after a full-time job I push myself to the limit to work on Halloween stuff, work out and have a social life, so that’s also why it took me pretty long to get back to TSAR.

Anyways, I hope you’re still around, reading my blog! I really appreciate it and I wanted to show you this little something, and let you know that I am still alive and well, and also still really into doing makeup.



The Hobbit: the Final Adventure of the 21st Century Elf Ireth

Yesterday, I went to see the last installment of the Hobbit trilogy. I won’t give away too many spoilers, but I can tell you: it was good. Despite some differences with the book (which, were already obvious in the previous films), I really enjoyed it!

And did you see the credits art! I loved them..

Bravo to all the people that worked on this film. I know there are a lot of you. My deepest respect to all of you πŸ™‚

It was finally time to wear my complete costume and become my alter ego Ireth again. For pictures of the entire costume, click here.
Below you will see the proces of my transformation πŸ˜‰


I started with the ears. You can see how I made my ears on a previous blog post, but the best explanation for the entire thing is this video by Klaire de Lys, I made mine exactly the same way, but her video shows every step perfectly.



My hair is naturally this long and thick, I did not use extensions.

I tied a section from above, then I made a section from my ear up to the tied section, on both sides of my head. I split this new section into two: the lower half for the locks in front of my ear, the other half for a regular braid towards the back of my head. Then these two braids come together with the tied hair from above. After that I made a fishtail braid with the tied hair and some extra hair from the back of my head. I pulled it loose like Kayley Melissa always does, especially in the top of the braid.


I found this really old necklace that I wore to my first prom, and I pinned it below the start of the small braids with bobby pins.

For makeup: I used a light beige shimmer eyeshadow on the lid, then I used some brown mascara. For the lips, I went with a simple layer of Purol to saturate them, and I used BB cream on my face, with a light powder over it. Since my face was too warm, I didn’t add any contour or blush, that is way to much for elves… Oh, and I did my brows with that HD brows set I accidentally got at IMATS πŸ™‚


And that’s it! That’s how you become an elf!

It was quite an adventure to go to the cinema. I drove this time, and first, I had to make sure my cloak was ‘on board’ πŸ™‚

While we got out of the car in the parking lot, it was freezing cold! But, I did everything for art, so I left my coat in the car and went like this, in my cape, to the cinema. While we were walking in, I was the object of stares. There were many people in a long waiting line, so, that was fun!

I just love doing this. Though some people can be rude!Β Not that I mind, I mean, well, there was an actual elf, the closest to reality most of them had ever seen. And it might help promote Cosplay and open people’s minds and hearts.

Again, if you are going to watch it, I ask you, watch the credits! The people who worked on this film deserve your 5 more minutes of attention!!!
Enjoy it, I definitely did πŸ™‚

Other very important news! Saturday I went to Eindhoven with one of my best friends, she had a photoshoot there. She asked me to come along as her MUA, which was GREAT! I loved it! I got to do my friends’ makeup and learn from a wonderful photographer! This will also give me the opportunity to add beautiful photos to my portfolio as an artist, so it’s really great. This was my first time at a photoshoot, so, yeah, progress!! Results will be uploaded as soon as I get them πŸ™‚



Just tried something…

Messed around this morning… it’s called rigid collodion πŸ˜€


I just got this stuff last week and tested it out, just to see what would happen.. Only afterwards I read somewhere that I should probably not use to many layers at the same day. But then, who would leave this on for longer than a day???
Anyways, I removed it with a special potion that is not a remover but makes it thinner, no problem at all. No weird reactions from my skin, so, I’d say let’s find a new project to use this!!




Special effects transformation: Mystique

Here it is, the BIG one!!

I planned this one for months, made sure I had everything I needed and knew exactly what I was going to do. I finally did it, and I am extremely happy with the results. This look was done in August, but I decided to save it for Halloween.


For this look I wore a leather legging ( I still had one from a dance performance about 3 years ago) and I bought a strapless top from H&M earlier this summer, so this way I did not have to wear a bikini or even less. I do not feel comfortable with that, especially not when putting it online.

Other things I used were:

– gel (used my brother’s)

– red face paint (or just red coloured gel if you happen to have any)

– yellow/hazel coloured contacts

– liquid latex

– spirit gum (+ remover!!)

– blue face paint

– black eyeshadow

– yellow eyeshadow or eyeliner

– blue lipgloss

Basically, this wasn’t even very difficult to do, it was just time consuming..

I made pieces of latex in advance using clay. Mind you, there were many many pieces.. I consider the face pieces as the most important, and then some on the arms and shoulders, but I did a lot of the scales while simply using a brush and some liquid latex.

So what I did:

Start of with covering your eyebrows. Use a gluestick to flatten them and wait for the glue to dry.

Then you can go ahead with attaching the scales to your skin. I applied some spirit gum on the pieces, wait for it to become sticky and put them were you want them. You do have to glue and stick them one by one though. This was my first time using spirit gum to attach latex pieces, and I thought it was easy to work with, it works quite fast actually, only because of my quantity of work it took a very look time. The pieces that are really visible in the photos (face, shoulders, belly) took me about 1,5 hours.

Then I used an old brush for the liquid latex and just dotted that along my arms and along my taille, I also made some on my feet and waited for that to dry.

Then I combed my hair back, put loads of gel in it and made a low ponytail. I do suggest doing your hair before you start on the latex part, because I found it harder to move my shoulders while I had prosthetics on them..

Then I cleaned my hands, made sure there was no more glue or whatever on my fingertips, and then I put in my contacts.

After that I started painting everything blue. This blue paint that I got is so much better to work with than my old one.. Seriously, it applies nice and even, no weird problems while applying.. Though my white is from the same brand and it’s always acting up…

I used a red facepaint to make my hair redder. First, I thought it wasn’t necessary because my natural colour is red. That’s why I added the paint as if they were highlights or something. I went over the blond hairs that I got from the sun these weeks.

I used the darkest blue lipstick from my BHcosmetics 66 lip palette to add some darker colour with a sparkly shine to the lips. I went for a yellow eyeshadow on the waterline and a black eyeshadow over the entire eyelid, both were from my BHcosmetics 120 eyeshadow palette 2nd edition. Make sure to blend the black eyeshadow with the blue paint, it should look like a contoured effect, not too harsh.


Basically, that’s all, it really isn’t so hard but it takes a few hours.. In total I think I worked for about 4 hours. Then I took the pictures, no process pictures sorry.. And then the biggest challenge came up: I had to clean up.

Cleaning my makeup is usually no big deal. I simply get the prosthetics off, and take a shower.

These were like a million prosthetics, because of the brush latex scales, so first I got all of those. Then I figured I’d go take a shower, so I did. But then my paint didn’t come off. At all. Normally, when I use waterbased paint, it comes off while taking a shower. Not this one. So I washed it with soap. That hardly worked! It came off, but then my skin was still a faded blue-ish colour… So when I rubbed my skin very harshly with a brush (you know, for like, oil on your hands) it finally worked, but this is not pleasant. If someone has experience with this, or has some tip for me to make this easier, please do tell me!

The stupid part of course, is that the paint that was in my hair actually flowed out as soon as it got touched by water.. So, on one hand, I love this paint, on the other part, I hate it.

After all the blue was pretty much gone, I still had the glue on my face and shoulders. I used the spirit gum remover, but that stuff smells horrible! If you use this, please be careful around the eyes and lips and be very gentle with it!

When my family came home, they still thought it smelled bad in the entire house, that would be the remover stuff.. But there was no other way I was going to get the glue off of my skin, so I don’t really like this stuff. Maybe I should stick to using latex as a glue for prosthetics.

Something else I did for the first time: the gluestick method to cover brows. I am so happy that this exists. It’s perfect! I thought it was pretty scary, but it works (:

So, this was quite an adventure for me, there were some bad things but also definitely some good things. I just love the way the look turned out. I also love the fact that I went all the way including the clothes, this was like a half Marvel version.

If you happen to have any tips on the paint or spirit gum, please do tell me about it, I’d love to try another approach with a different character. Requests are welcome as well (:



DIY: Elven Ears

These are the ears that go with this costume!

Products used:

– clay

– liquid latex (Kryolan)

– Talc powder


Make ears of clay. I took some pictures of my ears and try to create a clay model of them, then I gave them pointed ends. I chose to let the clay dry for a night.


Apply a layer of latex, let this dry until you don’t see much of the light liquid colour anymore, apply another layer and repeat. I did about 4 layers. WARNING: Use either really really old brushes or cheap ones, because you’re going to have to throw them out after using latex on them. I also used my fingers. Make sure you’re not allergic to latex!!!!


Let this dry properly for another night. Make sure you don’t put this in bright daylight, that will make your latex darker.


Use a powder on your latex while it’s still on the clay sculture. Preferably a talc powder. Slowly pull the latex off, powder this other side as you go. Your ears will come off inside out (:



Done! Try them on to see how you did. I discovered that mine will need some cutting and ofcourse, a lot of makeup. This version however will be a lot better then my previous elven ears!