The Complete Elven Costume pattern

It’s here! It’s here!

I know I said this multiple times already, but, the Elven costume cloak is still the biggest attraction to this blog thanks to a link on Pinterest. I cannot thank the person who did that enough, just, please read this someday? Thanks so much!
Especially now, with Halloween behind us and December 10 coming closer (the movie actually came out YESTERDAY in the UK!), more and more people have come to check out my version. I told you some time ago that I would be uploading a pattern for everything, that day has finally arrived! 🙂 Continue reading


As promised, the pictures of what I have been up to (:

For this week, zero action on my creative doodles, because I’ve had a stomach flu. I dislike stomach flus…

First topic: Costumes

This is what I was talking about when I said costume props:


I know, they don’t look like the brooches from the movies, but hey, it’s an elven brooch! And this one was made by Ireth (:  I asked my brother for a sheet of metal, and he gave me a small, thin sheet of iron. I drew the leaf shape on it and cut it out with a special pair of scissors (my brother had these, he has every kind of technical tool you could ever wish for, haha). Do NOT cut metal with normal scissors! Then I used pliers to bend the metal a little and painted it green with normal acryllic paint. Then to seal the paint I used a clear top coat nail varnish. The gold is a golden nail varnish, something that was not seen in the movies, but the leaves of Lórien are gold. To finish I used superglue to glue a pin on the back, this one happened to have a flat surface which was perfect for this brooch (:

So, now you can all guess what I’m making, it’s an elven cloak. Because of that nasty flu I haven’t started yet on the cloak, but I will do that tomorrow. And I will wear this to the next Hobbit movie, ofcourse.

Second topic, my side project:

IMGP0665I’m working on something that is currently a side project, but it’s going to be BIG. I already announced that I was going to do something huge soon, these are preparations. Can you guess what it is?

Third: While I was sick, this was my main source of entertainment:

IMGP0671Reading the last part of the trilogy. Haven’t finished it yet.

Last: My sweater!

IMGP0672This is something else I booked a lot of progress on while I was sick. I was so lucky to not have a headache.

Now, the left is going to be one side, I think the back, and the right is going to be the front. The back is already finished, the front is what I’m still working on. There’s a difference with these two pieces, the back has a strong curve for the taille, because at the time I thought I should do that. Now I’m making the other one straight, so that hopefully it’ll balance each other out a bit, and if not, then I probably have to do the left one all over again. And after that there’s the sleeves.

IMGP0674Why does this take me so long? Well, I think it’s the stitch. The pattern is repetitive, but the stitches are so small that when you’ve done one row, you hardly see any progress. And then it gets boring because you have to do so many rows. But, I really want to finish this thing now because then I’ll be able to move on to the next project.

As for the pictures, this is it. I’m not going to show my costume yet, or the makeup that I tested, because I’ll lose my element of surprise.

It’s raining here today, so I think I’m going to work on my painting on the wall today. Have a nice sunday!



My name is Ireth

YEAH, I went to the cinema as an elf!  WHOO 😀

It was awesome, I love these movies! I’m not going to review/tell plot twists/anything, just one thing: if you enjoy makeup like it’s done in movies: go see it! Even if you don’t like fantasy! There’s so much to learn, seriously.. 🙂

Ok, so here’s what I did:

First I wanted to make a clay sculpture and put layers on it so I could make ears. Unfortunately, this didn’t work out.. I didn’t use my normal clay and apparently that is not good. No more experiments for me on trying other sculpting material..

So, my first plan flunked, and I looked up other cheap ways to get these pointed ears. I found videos on youtube where people use tape on their ears. They put on makeup so it doesn’t really show that much.. I figured I might give it a try as well, only I altered the method to my own satisfaction. By the way, did you know that there are people who got surgery on their ears to have permanent elf ears? Crazy right?


So, I used tape on my ears. This was a bit of a struggle, because at first I just couldn’t get my tape right. After struggling, I put all my hair out of the way and used latex to create a skin that covered the tape so it would be a bit more natural. Seriously people, put your hair out of the way. All of it. You. Don’t. Want. Latex. In. Your. Hair.

Use a blowdryer to make sure the stuff dries a bit faster. As soon as it stops being supersticky your hair won’t be in grave danger anymore, even though it looks and feels pretty weird blowing hot air on your ear.. 🙂

The tape was not shaped entirely perfect on the inner part of my ear (ofcourse) so I used more latex there.

Then I used A LOT of makeup : powder, foundation, and a blush because my ears have a natural blushy shade, not like normal skintone (though I believe most ears would have that). I put makeup on my face as well. For that, you want to create a nice light skintone that still looks natural. I used a bit of talc powder along with my face powder to make it lighter. Sounds weird, but it works 🙂


Then for the eyes I used a white eyeshadow on the lid and a shimmery shadow on the inner corner, both BHCosmetics 120 palette 2nd edition. Then one coat of black mascara on the upper lashes and a bit of brown mascara on the lower lashes. This had to look very natural, so I used an old mascara brush that I cleaned after that mascara was finished, in order to avoid or remove clumps. You can also use a fanning brush to apply the mascara.

For the lips I used a natural looking colour from my BHcosmetics 66 lip palette. I applied a small amount of it with a brush, then used my fingertip to set it like you would do with a lipstain.


I also braided my hair like an elf could have worn  it. I wanted my ears to show, so I went for something with locks in front and the rest tucked behind the ears. The hair tutorial I used was one of Letsmakeitup on youtube. It was a waterfall braid on two sides that come together at the back of the head, then you continue the braid like a regular one for about 15  cm and these parts get twisted and pinned down.


After that, I was done! All there was left to do was find out my name in Sindarin, which was Ireth 🙂



As you can see, the ears are fake, of course. I’m not a professional, I didn’t use computer programs. But from a distance, no one will notice the amount of makeup or the tape or latex. I think it’s awesome. I even had some strange looks from the cinema staff  😀

Would you go out in public wearing special makeup/costumes/anything cosplay?