Halloween 2014

Hi everyone!

How was your Halloween? Mine was awesome, so much fun! I went to a party with my friend, didn’t know anybody there and ended up making new friends, it was so good πŸ™‚



I’m on the right! I’m still waiting for more photos, but this one was on facebook πŸ˜‰

I might do a seperate new version/post with my own shoot of this look somewhere in the near future.

Other news, tonight I’m doing not just one, but TWO makeup JOBS for a Halloween party! How wonderful is that? All thanks to this blog!
So, yes, I’m so nervous and excited and I need to sleep a little now, because I hardly slept last night.. This weekend is THE BEST πŸ˜€



Kicking off ‘The WILD’ series!

Today is a special day,Β There’s something about rainbows presents to you:

The WILD series

The first video of this series is my Zebra transformation, check it out now:

This transformation was done as a preparation for the anual firstyear introduction week (some of you might remember last years Pocahontas), which is something I have volunteered for every year since I went to grad school. The theme of the camp was Expedition Robinson, and I went for something a bit more dramatic then the Tarzan&Jane that would probably be done by everyone. I thought of the jungle and then the wild animals came to the table. I found this dress first, so my transformation became the Zebra. That means that if I’d found a dress with a leopard print first, I would’ve been a leopard.
I had decided by then, that I would love to do other animals as well, plus there are some looks that I’d love to do again, like the hand arts! And so it begins, my WILD series πŸ™‚




Halloween party!

Welcome to my new followers!

For those of you who wondered where I was over the past 2 weeks, I’m sorry for not writing anything… School was stealing my time 😦 Now I have autumn break, which Β means doing a lot of homework, as all of my deadines are next week. Last sunday T.S.A.R. was up for exactly one year, unfortunately I did not paint or anything to celebrate…

But, yesterday my friend had a party so I went for something spookey πŸ˜€


with flash


This look was done with regular makeup, mostly drugstore products. The eyeshadows come from my BHcosmetics 120 palette 2nd edition. For the how-to go here to see the video by the amazing Lex from MadeUlook. My hair comes from Kaley, known as Letsmakeitup1. Watch it here.

First, I wanted to do something that’s really disturbing. However, I had to drive to Groningen. If I had to, I don’t know, stop at a gasstation or whatever, people would probably freak out. Another option is to take a bus, but when dressed up as a bleeding zombie, I don’t know..

So I was going to do something really scary/halloween-ish this week, but since I have no life these days, we’ll see about that.