Catching Fire: Capitol look

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Last month I went to the cinema with my friend to see the new Hunger Games movie. It was amazing! I love these movies, really, I do. I think if Jennifer won an oscar for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook, she should definitely win one for her role as Katniss. The film really did the story justice, it was good! And for my male readers out there, I imagine this is the kind of movie even guys would go to (:

Obviously I had to do something out of the ordinary with this whole thing, so I went to the cinema as a Capitol person, inspired by Effie Trinket. I bet she’d be honoured. The idea is that the world we live in could be compared to the Capitol, so as viewers of the Hunger Games movies, we represent the Capitol citizens which is why I chose to go as a Citizen, not as one of the other leads like Katniss herself.


The hair: yes it is all my own hair. I didn’t use a wig. No it’s not dead or gone now, it’s back to normal (:

The makeup was pretty easy and not that much work for this look, it was done entirely with regular makeup and I made the lashes myself. Check it out elsewhere on my blog (:


I filmed the whole thing, the video is under construction and will be up very soon.